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You'll love Next Mega-Menu Plugin for Elementor

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Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

Whatever you build with next mega menu page Builder, that becomes fully responsive and mobile friendly. next mega menu page Builder uses Bootstrap 4 to get it done smoothly.

Mega Genaral Settings

Next Mega Menu plugin for enable to click thsi switch button and Enter your API Key of MailChimp. For ctreate new account to click this link Get your API Key here And we're developing more new providers in future.

Menu Global Setting

Display Popup Mail Box into Body with Positions. Create new form after select form for Popup Mail Box.

Mega Structure Settings

Select list id for each forms and enable custom filed such asEmail, First Name, Last Name, Phone and more. Declare custom class and id for each forms. Modify Button Text Subscribe and Select Icon or none.

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